Being Yourself Is the First Step

by Edmund Celis, March 22, 2016.
Edmund with sunset
Photo of Edmund Celis, credit to Garima Singh.

The most important thing you can do right now is to be yourself. How do you do that? You actually do not have to do anything really. If you can stop thinking for a moment, that will help tremendously. But if you must, it can be stated simply as, "being conscious." What does that mean? Well, try to sense your presence in the universe at this very moment in time. What do I mean by sense your presence? At this moment,

take a deep breath and feel the air inflate and deflate your lungs... hear the sounds around you... try to feel your heartbeat with your hand if you want.

Now close your eyes and see the world disappear for a moment, then try to observe your thoughts and ask yourself "what will be my next thought?" As you wait for your next thought, notice how there is a brief pause in your stream of thinking. When we are thoughtless, yet aware, this is consciousness. This is how we truly know ourselves because we return to our true essence. It is not a mental knowing that we are so used to, but rather an

intuitive, thoughtless realization that we are alive right now.

As you are experiencing all of this, there is a vast universe in constant motion surrounding the earth, and you are a part of it all too. If you look outside toward the sky,

there are massive galaxies in existence above you consisting of countless stars millions of light years away (See my article "Everything is Connected via Atoms"). Directly beneath you on the opposite side of the earth, there are people upside down relative to you as the earth's gravity keeps them grounded to its surface!

The moon is constantly revolving around the earth but doesn't crash into us

because it is unbelievably balanced perfectly with the sun, the earth and the other planets in our solar system. Right now, this massive earth we live on is

spinning around 1000 miles per hour!

And deep within the earth is an intensely hot core which sustains the planet's magnetic field. The earth is but a spec in the universe, yet, so delicately tuned to support all this we call life.

As you are broadening your awareness of all of this, you may begin to feel a sacred peace amongst it all and notice your worries lose their hold on you.

No matter what is happening in your life right now, it all does not matter for a brief moment as you realize the insignificance of it all in relation to the immense universe as a whole. You begin to truly know yourself as you take your attention beyond yourself to the far reaches of the universe and then back to your immediate being, realizing that there is a natural order taking place now.

Despite what you believe or think, what you do or have, or what is bothering you at the moment, the cosmos simply keep on moving along with the flow of life as if nothing on earth really mattered. If a meteor were to strike the earth right now, decimating everything, the cosmos would still be moving along its natural way, and it would not matter what was so important to your mind-made ego a minute ago, who you were, what you had, what you believed, what you did or did not do because it would all be gone. For our mind, this scenario is frightening because the ego feels threatened as its existence is in jeopardy and it fears the unknown after death.

When we pass away, all worldly things lose their significance, including the thoughts created by your mind, and what is left is the reality of who you really are.

While we are alive right now, we can be aware of our existence behind the scenes of our ego and be conscious. We know and sense our true identity as being

formless, yet infinitely powerful, an all pervading force in and behind our awareness.

Life then becomes more meaningful and you may feel inspired to do great things for the world as you manifest the enthusiasm that empowers you. This website is here to help you raise your awareness of your true identity, which is not what you or others think you are, what role you play in society, or what you own.

The absolute truth of who you are is something the mind can never understand because it is not an object or thing.

Furthermore, it cannot be interpreted from a word because the mind will immediately try to objectify it as the truth. The words I use above to describe it are simply that, just words. What is more essential is that we

calm our mind.

Exercises like above help us to return to our breathing and enter consciousness from the space between our thoughts. Then we can experience who we really are and allow it to shine forth in the world. When we are in harmony with the rhythm of our true nature, all actions, including our thinking, will follow the grace that brings about miracles in the world.

It all starts now and is always available to you, it is your very being, who you really are that makes you so important in the world because

if you can be true to yourself, you will share this light to others naturally and it will help them raise their own awareness as well.

The result of our consciousness is the powerful phenomenon that can help humanity evolve spiritually and help bring wonders to the world we live in. So start now by simply being aware of your existence and notice how the world around you changes positively!

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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