The Natural Flow of Life

by Edmund Celis, March 28, 2016.
Inside Cell
Photo by Edmund Celis at Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany depicting the structures within a eukaryotic cell.

As you are comfortably reading this, the immune cells in your body are constantly combating harmful bacteria and cancer cells to protect your well-being, and they are doing so, on auto-pilot, without any real effort on your part. You do not have to think about your white blood cells for them to identify a cancerous cell and destroy it, they naturally do so. When I say breathe, you don't have to force it either,

the body is automatically breathing, just as your heart is naturally beating.

When you are aware of these movements that are taking place right now, it becomes a satisfying experience where you may feel a blissful happiness.

This is where true happiness comes from and it is available to you all the time.

Be in tune with the aliveness within you. Even when we are still and quite, these processes are happening to sustain our bodies and there is a mini universe within us constantly in motion, in which the

atoms in our body are interacting with each other instantaneously without us even being aware of it.

The DNA within our cells are continually reproducing new proteins for our cells to keep renewing themselves so that we can stay alive.

DNA helix
Photo by Edmund Celis of the DNA structure at Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany.

There is an intricate world within us and it is all happening now. You may be aware of the energy within and around you right now, and also notice that no thoughts are interfering. However, if you do have a thought, you observe it as something that is not controlling you anymore.

When you are conscious, thoughts may arise more calmly and you start to flow with the natural order of life.

This all starts with being at peace with yourself at this very moment.

As you notice your thoughts subsiding and you feel a sense of peace, this is being conscious. You become one with the Source, and you

know yourself to be a powerful force behind all these things that are not you in this world.

When you experience this, you may feel so empowered that you feel the urge to spread this realization. However, this will happen naturally and others will be affected by your consciousness without any persuasion or forcing on your part.

Just being who you really are influences those around you without them even noticing it unless they are conscious as well.

People can tell when you are truly at peace with yourself and one with life. Things that would bother or irritate others doesn't affect you as much because you know that things that happen are always under constant change. You actually help others question their own unhappiness that they may feel.

When you are conscious, it is the most important gift that you give the world and to humanity.

It is your primary purpose in life right now. Your interactions with others may become more positive and peaceful as you are changing the world by simply being yourself.

Your consciousness extends beyond what is merely around you, it reaches depths and places in the universe that the mind cannot explain. You may notice coincidences in your life and unlikely events that happen when you are aware.

Consciousness is connecting you with others who are becoming aware of their own true nature, which is essentially one with the spirit.

Spirit, the Source, consciousness, whatever you want to call it, it is just a word. What is more essential is to realize that you are being connected with everything in the universe because consciousness is primal to everything. It is as if the universe is awakening within you and is using your mind and body as a vehicle for its own expression. As the day goes on however, you may find yourself losing this awareness. This is because the mind is creeping back in with its thoughts as we become busy with our worldly responsibilities and we may start to worry again. Just remember that

true peace is always available to you when you are connected with your true being.

There are many ways to be conscious, and sometimes, it will just come to you naturally. Often times though, when our life situations seem so stressful, we forget what is truly important, which is just being as you are and truly knowing yourself to be more than your situations or thoughts.

Our life situations, as everything else in the world, are always under constant change, they are not permanent. What is permanent is your essential being.

So next time an event in your life makes itself to be all so important, remember that there is a reason for everything beyond understanding, and witness life happen as it is. Any stress you may have been experiencing should have dissipated or have been significantly reduced once you surrender to the natural flow of life.

When you are aware of your being and of the whole universe at this moment,

nothing in life can happen to destroy your very essence and peace.

This is because if we are truly aligned with our very being, there is no fear. Rather, there is acceptance of what is and we let go of our resistance to life. As, our thinking subsides, we simply do not judge anything. If we know who we truly are, the real love, peace and happiness will come to us no matter what is happening in our life right now. The real aspects of life can then express themselves within us, as we realize the following:

Real love is a felt oneness with everything. Real peace is being at ease with the flow of life.

Real happiness is the unconditional joy we feel when we are one with life.

When we are in harmony with the natural workings of the universe, beauty shines from within us.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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