Year 2112

by Edmund Celis, April 21, 2016.
Iphone calendar
Photo by Edmund Celis

This is an image from my iPhone. If you go to calendars and zoom out to calendar years, you will see this and it seems you can scroll infinitely into future years. As I was doing this, I noticed how easily it was to get to year 2112, or "twenty-one twelve," and then I thought,

what year would it be when I would be 100 years old?

I then scrolled to that year and then I realized that it's not that far from now! I probably won't reach a century but it makes me

wonder how the world will be in 2112.

I will most likely be long dead before that time but being aware that I will die eventually makes me want to live life more in the moment and appreciate all that is.

Right now, I am living in this world of wonders and I can do something great, new and inspiring or I can just follow routine and continue doing what I'm used to. I say,

if I'm going to die, then why not follow my dreams and do something that I've always wanted to aspire doing!

It doesn't have to be something extravagant, something simple from saying hello to a stranger or forgiving someone, makes all the difference too. We also don't have to do anything. Just being aware of our temporary existence can help us

appreciate everything around us.

We can then start to make better decisions with regards to our health, such as in our diet, and other aspects of life.

Although given a negative connotation, death is a part of life.

Even after we die, life still goes on as the children of the future are born into the world and the cycle continues.

It may seem scary to think about and it may even stress us out. This is because we are subject to the unknown and our mind cannot make sense of it.

We may have beliefs about death and what may happen after but the truth is that we really do not know

but as an observer of someone else's death, we can see that life still goes on. Just recently, the musician Prince passed away and I listened to some of the music he has produced. Although he is gone, his music is still alive for others to listen to. This leads me back to life going on even after death.

What can you contribute to this world that will have a positive impact on humanity even after you die?

Whether it be something simple or something very complex, whatever you can create for humanity and the world, let it be your message to those who will be alive in the year 2112.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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