Listen With Love

by Edmund Celis, June 21, 2016
Gestation III by Baile Oakes
Gestation III by Baile Oakes in Santa Monica, CA. I'm not sure if the artist meant to or not, but if you stand in the middle of this structure and talk, you will hear your voice amplified in volume. It's fun! Photo by Edmund Celis.

The art of listening is a skill to be improved everyday.

Each day you will be given little sounds of wisdom from your surroundings that may inspire you to do something.

If we can quiet our mind and pay attention to these tiny details, we can discover the whispers of the spirit that can lead to appropriate action with the natural order of the universe.

As described in my article, “Feel the Body and Relax”, consciously monitor the body. This is the beginning of tuning your ears to the sounds around you.

Once you are relaxed, you observe the music of life and certain sounds may speak to you to suggest a path of action.

This also applies to visual cues as well.

Urban sunflower
A sunflower in the midst of a busy life is sometimes all you need to smile. Photo by Edmund Celis.

There may be times when there is too much noise around you, which may cause irritation but if you relax and listen, you can choose to remove yourself from the situation or do what you can to reduce the noise.

Silence can be an entrance into peace.

However, there is music that can facilitate your awareness of peace as well.

If the noise cannot be avoided, then try to breathe and calm down to then become one with it. Return to the space within your body that is always there as the void that encompasses all that is in this universe, including the noise around you.

The music of life is everything that you hear. If you cannot hear, pay attention to the art that life is. And if you cannot see, just be as you are. Your awareness is key.

When you are ‘awake’ or deeply in the moment, connections are made with others and things in the world that may be judged as coincidence. Whether you call it the law of attraction or synchronicity, just listen and observe. Life is amazing! Flow with it and marvel at its expression.

When we consciously listen to our environment and inner self, we are living in the moment and this presence enables peace to reveal itself within and around us.

Enter the sounds around you and dive into the depth of the sounds, such as the source of the vibrational energy. Notice how gaps of silence may arise and observe the differences in tone.

As you are doing this, you are also feeling your body and the subtle energy within it. You may hear the beautiful songs of birds play in nature or the wind rustle the leaves of a tree. Listen to the sounds of a wave flowing with the movement of the wind and crashing into the sand at the shore.

Sunflower and the sky
Listening to nature reveals wonders. Photo by Edmund Celis.

When you hear a certain song in passing, it may stimulate a certain feeling in you. Listen and just observe. Same thing when you encounter a coincidence in your life, observe. These are the little things in life that are opportunities for your consciousness to flower.

Having a conversation with another human being is a great opportunity for you to practice listening with your whole body.

Often times, when we talk to someone, we do not really listen to them, but rather, we focus on our mind on what we want to say next. We are waiting for them to finish talking so that we can say what we want to say. If you can allow the other person to speak fully without interruption, you allow them space to be. Of course, you are engaged, but you respectfully respond at the appropriate moment.

Listening is not just with the ears but with your whole being.

If you are intensely in the moment when someone is talking with you, true love can manifest as you relate to the other person on the level of consciousness. This loving attention is the most precious gift you can give to another human being.
Red and Orange Flowers
On the level of being, we can help each other flower in consciousness. Photo by Edmund Celis.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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