Relative Truth

by Edmund Celis, June 1, 2016.

Inverted Fountain at UCLA. The fountain reminds me of a black hole in space. Just imagining the workings of a black hole is beyond understanding. Video by Edmund Celis.

We can understand many physical laws of the universe but it is not the whole picture. Yes, we can build great things like space shuttles and computers, but there is the unspoken unknown that still evades the physical realm of the mind. The absolute truth also includes the non-physical. Therefore,

everything that we think and believe is all relative.

The full truth can never be comprehended by the limited mind. For example, have you ever had a feeling or sense that you really understand something or want to share a brilliant realization but then once you try to explain it or write it down, it quickly becomes something else different than what you were experiencing.

The mind cannot possibly understand the infinite depth within ourselves or the whole workings of the universe because the mind is physical.

We can however experience it, but it isn’t something that the mind can make sense of.

Therefore, we should not hold strong to our beliefs or hold it against others for theirs. Even what I write here and all my other articles are not fully true because they are based on what can be expressed in a particular combination of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Words are just that and our interpretations are simply just thoughts that are made from our brain. In essence, we are more than our thoughts.

Often times, we confuse ourselves with beliefs, such as, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m the best!” Or even worse, we judge others.

All beliefs are false in relation to the whole.

They may be true relative to the normalities on Earth, but in the absolute totality of the universe and the unknown, it is just a temporary thing that holds no real weight with respect to our true nature.

If we can realize that no belief about ourselves or others is absolutely true, then we can learn to forgive everyone, including ourselves.

This acceptance of relativity and the respect for the sacred truth that cannot be known by the mind is the beginning of peace. Peace within ourselves that spreads to the world as love, or feeling of oneness with all.

Everything is always under constant change so forget those negative thoughts about yourself or others.

Also, don’t hold onto certain beliefs that try to describe the truth because they may be only true for some time but will change with the flow of life. There are many pointers to truth, but don’t mistake them for truth itself. The important thing is to not judge anything that happens, such as any beliefs that come and go, rather embrace the moment for just being alive!

Essentially, it comes down to you experiencing the reality that you are.

For example, when you listen to beautiful music, such as the ones without any words, there’s a genuine feeling of holiness associated with it. But there are great songs out there with powerful words as well. This article was inspired by a song by Jack Johnson, “It’s All Understood.” Here’s my cover of it.

Video by Edmund Celis.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

Please see my article, "Forgive Within" to help flower forgiveness within yourself. I go into further detail of my own experiences in my article, "Adversity Opens Doorways to Enlightenment".

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