Stars of Origin

by Edmund Celis, September 12, 2016.
stars animation
Animation by Edmund Celis.

If you find yourself still awake late into the night and are worried about life, go outside for a moment and

look up at the sky on a clear night and just observe the stars floating in space.

Sometimes, the world fills our mind with fears and our body feels heavy. But if you marvel at the vastness of space and all the floating objects in the night sky, there comes a deep understanding within you that is part of your intuition.

Suddenly, there is a lightness that replaces the burden that you were feeling before. Thoughts dissipate and the body relaxes. The world is no longer consuming you. You become free as you witness life on a grand scale beyond this Earth.

Looking up at the stars at night is like being able to see the atomic energy within our body or in any object around us. In fact, the atoms in our body were once a part of some star billions of years ago. Those objects we are looking at in space, such as the moon, are composed of the same type of matter that make up our body, but we can actually see it with the naked eye. What a fascinating sight!

It’s as if the night sky is a mirror into the real nature of our being. The origin of life.

When you find a point of light in the sky, it may be a galaxy far away containing hundreds of billions of stars, as NASA describes in this article.

Even the galaxy we live in, the Milky Way Galaxy, contains its own hundreds of billions of stars, including the Sun! And within each typical galaxy, there are usually millions of black holes, which pull everything nearby, even light itself.

We may all know of the supermassive black hole at the center of a typical galaxy, but smaller black holes can occur anywhere in a galaxy, usually after a star explodes, which NASA explains in another article.

However sometimes, we may feel lost during the daytime or the stars may be covered on a cloudy evening. Nevertheless, by going outdoors and witnessing the serenity of a fruit hanging from a tree, the calming nature of green leaves, or the passing of clouds across the sky, we can experience moments of happiness that soothes the body and soul.

Look at your hand and realize that it once was a part of a star billions of years ago. You may suddenly feel very alive! Everything you see around you is now in this special form but it too was once a part of the star in which you came from. How is this even possible?! Look to the beginning of it all to understand what you are and what you will become.
Here is an audio of the article as well.

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