You Are Not a Separate Ego

by Edmund Celis, November 5, 2016.
Memento mori
Art by Edmund Celis.

This article is dedicated to my recently passed friend, Kirk Clendenin, as well as those who have passed, who are born and who are alive today...essentially, everything that is because that is all a part of you, me, everyone.

How would you describe yourself?

You may think of yourself as your personality, the name you were given, your likes and dislikes, your physical body, your beliefs and all other things that you associate with yourself. There is this popular notion that we are all individuals with our own desires, abilities and lives, and why not, given this limited perspective we take through our senses of the body. What you witness as the world through your eyes and other senses leads you to believe that you are this distinct body with a brain that is acting according to your will, and/or external power and that you are separate from everything around you since it is not a part of your body and is thus, seen as some foreign object.

However, if you are in tune with the connection of everything in this universe, such as the way the atoms in space make up every object you see and feel, or the way

energy from the sun is made from nuclear reactions that get sent as electromagnetic waves millions of miles away to be stored in plants for animals to consume,

or how satellites in space transmit certain frequencies of energy that allow for a programmed sequence of electrical signals to enable GPS navigation on your begin to see that there are no truly isolated things in this universe. Even if you cannot see the things that explain the universe so well, they affect everything in infinite ways.

It all gets recycled back into atomic matter and energy.

So, how do you describe yourself now, knowing that all is connected in such a profound, unfathomable way?

Even the thing that is most bothering you at this moment is much a part of your existence as everything else in the universe, so why resist it?

You can resist it, but that will create more suffering. There will always be a force to balance the other, a positive for every negative.

Although you may not know about everything that is going on in the world or what someone’s intentions are or what may happen in the future, one thing is for sure, and everyone will face it no matter what, and that is death. The form that you are in, and that everyone and everything is in at this moment, is temporary and will change. It will all get recycled back into energy. So, do not worry so much about the world.

Everything is flowing and changing, and if you flow with the stream, you can learn to use your energy more wisely and joyously instead of wasting it in the sorrow of trying to resist the current of change.

Often times in life, we are presented opportunities, like talking to someone who you find attractive or speaking up when you see something wrong, but we are stopped because of the fear of death or some repercussion, but if you remember that you will die eventually, then why not act because in the end it won’t matter if you did act or not, so I would choose to have acted in the end when I face death, especially if it is something that makes you feel alive. When your heart beats, that is a good sign sometimes, for that is a test for you to realize your true power of the moment.

If you treat each moment or opportunity with the attitude that “Hey, I’m going to die and so I’m going to give it my all and go out with a bang!” ...then you live life to your fullest capacity.

And if you don’t die as a result of you taking action, then that’s great and you keep going, but when death does come, you won’t be surprised because you were expecting it all along and you won’t feel regretful because you were enjoying every moment of your life.

So, remember, this moment that you are living right now is astonishing because you are in this temporary form as a human being with such potential and power that you can seize the day and do whatever your heart desires. And if you encounter opposition, flow with it rather than against it because it is a part of your very being despite its disguise as being something separate from you.

Know that everyone you see, as well as yourself, will be gone as this form someday, and so cherish each moment that you are living and when the time comes, be willing to let go, for when the waterfall falls to the sea, it falls back to the source of all energy to be cycled back again.
Nonresistance by Alan Watts
Art by Edmund Celis.

Here is an audio of the article as well.

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