You Can Never Know Yourself

by Edmund Celis, February 16, 2017.
Edmund mountaintop
Photo by Edmund Celis.

By letting go of the goal of knowing yourself, you feel free and relieved that you no longer have to pursue this never-ending, insensible task.

You are already yourself as the process of life happening at this moment. You do not need to understand it.

Contrary to what this website seeks to help you accomplish, this idea that by being just as you are and okay that the unknown cannot be encapsulated by the mind, you become one with the infinite universe as a constantly changing movement by simply giving up the desire to control.

Simply put, by letting go, you have it. By trying to seek it, it becomes hidden.

The truth is that you do not need anything to help you better understand yourself because there is no need.

What you are seeking cannot be sought because what you seek is already being seen!

The light cannot be shone on itself, just as the point of your finger cannot touch the point of itself. It is already being done as the very process of it being in existence.

So, then what is the point of all this? What is the point of life? Does it bother you that there is no answer? Do you feel worrisome knowing that the answer evades you as soon as you ask the question, but known, once you drop the question. With each answer comes another question in a never-ending quest for knowledge.

When we try to explain the vast, indefinite experience in words, we muddle our minds and we move out of resonance with the natural vibration of life.

When you allow the whole experience to happen without trying to control the process, you do not even have to let anything go in a sense because there is nothing there to hold onto.

You may feel at a standstill, but in that stillness, lies the power. In that pain, lies the strength. In that joy, lies the sorrow.

In the evil, lies the good and vice versa. In everything that you experience, you are living the way of life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you do, just as the moon revolves the earth and the sun, the galaxy, for it is one working composition without an end.

There is nothing you have to do because you are doing it already. You are this beautiful life of endless possibilities!
Here is an audio of the article as well.

The mind has a limitation and this is explored in my article "Relative Truth".

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