Death Is Birth Anew

by Edmund Celis, July 2, 2017.
Moon half phase horizontal shadow
Shot by Edmund Celis on Astronomers Without Borders OneSky Reflector Telescope with 10mm eyepiece.

In quiet contemplation, the sound that is most familiar to the soul was expressed. The cry of another human being. Even the most gentle weep can be heard and noticed, for it strikes the heart with an emotional resurgence of pain.

It was the cry of my mother. Today, my mother just lost her sister and although I never met her, I knew deep within that this sudden change affected me. It certainly affected my mother, who talked of being very close to her. She was only in her 40s and had six children, and now they no longer have a mother nor a father, who also passed away several years before.

One day we will all meet this tragic change and others who we know will meet it before.

At this very moment, death is happening in many parts of the world, but at the same time there is birth of new life too. The idea of being gone from this form is frightening and it is probably due to the fact that we do not know what will happen when it does.

However, take this into consideration. When one is born, is there any recollection of birth? Can you recall the cells from your mother and father merging into one?

The point at which death happens seems very similar to the point of birth. Two phenomena of unknown emergence. However, when you seek deeper into the space at which they manifest, it is met at the level of energy. Energy being coalesced into a system of processes to then be released back into the environment to be a part of another system.
Image of Saturn. Looks more detailed in person. Shot by Edmund Celis on Astronomers Without Borders OneSky Reflector Telescope with 10mm eyepiece.

So then, there is no end. When you die, you are being born. In other words, you never die, nor are you born. It is a cycle like the vibration of a string, where the up pattern is birth and the down peak is death and the point at which they meet is when the string is centered middle to then further cycle back and forth.

So the constant change or motion of things that are happening in the universe right now brings about this seemingly distinct and tragic dichotomy of life and death when in fact, it is simply

change happening at its pinnacle.

Alan Watts said in one of his lectures that ties this point perfectly:

“Well, it took me a long time, and suddenly one day, I realized that the difference that I saw between things was the same thing as their unity because differences, borders, lines, surfaces, boundaries don’t really divide things from each other at all, they join them together because all boundaries are held in common. It’s like, let’s think of a territory, which has all been divided up into property. Your property, my property, etc...there are the fences...if I live next to you, your fence is my fence. We hold a boundary in common. We may make up silly arrangements as to who is responsible for the maintenance of this fence but nevertheless, we hold our boundaries in common. And we wouldn’t know what my plot of land was or where it was unless we knew the definition of your plot of land and your plot of land is adjoining. So boundaries are held in common. And I could then, that my sense of being me was exactly the same things as my sensation as being one with the whole cosmos.

Moon half phase vertical shadow
Shot by Edmund Celis on Astronomers Without Borders OneSky Reflector Telescope with 10mm eyepiece.

I didn’t need to get some other weird, sort of different odd kind of experience to feel in total connection with everything. Once you get the clue, you see, that the sense of unity is inseparable from the sense of difference. You wouldn’t know yourself, or what you meant by self, unless at the same time you have the feeling of something ‘other.’ Now, the secret is that ‘other’ eventually turns out to be you. I mean that’s the element of surprise in life, when suddenly you find the thing most alien...we say now, what is most alien to us? Go out at night and look at the stars and realize that they are millions and millions and billions of miles away...vast conflagrations out in space and you can lie back and look at that...whew...and say, ‘well, surely i hardly matter, i’m just a tiny, tiny little peekaboo on this weird spot of dust called Earth, and all that going on out there, billions of years before I was born, billions of years after I will die.’ Nothing seems stranger to you than that, more different from you, but there comes a point if you watch long enough, and you’ll say, ‘Why, that’s me, it’s the other.’ That is the condition of you’re being yourself, as the back is the condition of being the front. And when you know that, you know you’ll never die.”

When you zoom into all things in this universe at its boundaries, you notice that there is so much space separating the atoms and subatomic matter that there seems to be no boundary at all. Energy pervades the universe such as when heat transfers through material no matter how dense it is. So the energy within you right now is becoming part of another process yet it is still there and will always be in the universe.

No one ever died. They will always be with you. Let the energy flow and notice how the universe expresses their energy for you.

3/4 moon
Shot by Edmund Celis on Astronomers Without Borders OneSky Reflector Telescope with 25mm eyepiece.

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