Past and Future Meet Today

by Edmund Celis, July 10, 2017.
orange sky
Photo by Edmund Celis

Today, I saw on Facebook that

the date when written backwards is the same as forwards: 7102017.

It reminds me about an important lesson of being present.

I was having some tea at the Orange Circle and I noticed the sign in front of a church. It said,

“Today is special, we’ve never had it before.”

When you know what happened, where the birth of the universe exploded into all of this energy and atomic formations, and also what will happen, which is death, you are presented with the moment where both past and future meet.

Seize the day, as it is said. This moment is all you need for it is life happening, where your past shapes how you perceive the future. But if you

pause for a moment and go back to the very beginning where energy was dispersed from a singularity and then compare that to this moment,

where your body is moving, your heart beating, your mind thinking, it is phenomenal.

Then take another step and realize that everything will die and change some time in the near future.

You will die. This future happening creates a fear in you but it can also motivate you to live more in the moment and do what you love, for it will all be gone someday.

Taken together, life becomes enhanced to a degree, or in tune with a certain natural frequency that allows the receiver, or your body, to reach a state of enlightenment. In this state, you can achieve great things and you find passion in your actions.

For example, as I write this, I feel very in tune with life. The vibration is strong and I know I am not really trying to write what I am writing, it is just happening, as if the energy within me is just expressing itself without any effort on my part. When we find these moments of enthusiasm in our lives, which come and go, witness your body move to the rhythm of life.

As described in my article, “ Death Is Birth Anew,” death is not the end of you. When you understand yourself to be more than just this body and mind, you realize that the whole universe is you, including your family and friends, strangers and objects, the vast ocean and sky full of light, they are all you. So, don’t be afraid of death for it is has been going on all along behind the scenes. Yet, life still goes on. I mean if we came from all of that up there and around this Earth, the massive stars of energy and spiral galaxies, then it must surely start again even after it is all gone. The capacity for creation lies not in the things we see but rather what cannot be grasped by the mind.

So, knowing that you were born from stardust and that you will return to that form of energy, you are perfectly in the middle of past and future, where time seems to be at a standstill. This precious moment is the secret that you seek. Carpe diem...seize the day.

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